We produce and sell spices, herbs, and dried vegetables.

Why Us?

Our very own production
Direct delivery of imports
Delivery to any country in Europe
Deferred payment plan options
Cleaning from mineral and metallic impurities or contaminations
Fracturing and crushing services
Modern sterilization technologies
10 years of experience in the market

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About Us

The Verdey Company produces and delivers food additives, spices, herbs, and dried vegetables for the food industry. We are capable of producing high-quality goods as well as meeting the individual needs of each of our clients.

Product Varieties

Our range of products includes food additives as well as great variety of spices from all over the world, needed for meat, dairy, confectionery, bread and other food production.

Right now, we offer:

  • Food additives;
  • Spices and herbs;
  • Dried vegetables and mushrooms;
  • Functional and decorative mixes.

We undertake independent production through food processing to ready made goods; we deliver partner goods as well. Our range of products is constantly growing, adapting to the needs of our clients.